About us

Sikh Women's Alliance was originally founded by Sikh Study Forum who sponsored its first Conference on 7th April 2002 in partnership with University of East London. The Sikh Women�s Alliance was set up in October 2003 as a non-religious, non-political group to empower, inspire and inform Sikh women to join the mainstream of UK society. It has a database of 1,000 women with 200 women on e-mail database and an active participation by women in Events and Conferences.

Sikh Women's Alliances' aims and objectives are to:

  1. Enjoy and Achieve
    • To overcome social exclusion and develop a sense of pride and achievement for Sikh women of all ages
    • To promote empowering of Sikh women through capacity building
    • To enhance access to education, work skills and employment
    • To provide 'creative and cultural' experiences to develop and promote Sikh values
  2. Make a positive contribution
    • To network and provide support and guidance for socially and economically disadvantaged Sikh women
    • To instil a sense of responsibility to make a full use of competencies and capabilities and engage with society
  3. Personal development and well being
    • To encourage participation in a range of activities to enhance physical well being
    • To provide a range of opportunities to broaden outlook and emotional well being
    • To undertake research and review strategies and way forward for improving their health and safety
  4. Achieve Economical and Social well being
    • To challenge barriers to the lawful rights of Sikh women to achieve equality and justice
    • To provide forum for women to engage in dialogue to discuss challenges and issues facing them
    • To build partnership and links with the wider society organisations to have full access to community and social services
  5. Leadership and management
    • To secure resources and funds to...
    • To fulfil the above objectives in an apolitical and impartial way
    • To explore ways forward to enhance contribution of more individual and organisations to meet SWA objectives
    • To celebrate achievement and acknowledge contributions to fulfil SWA objectives

Interested in becoming a member?

If you like what we believe in and would like to participate in helping SWA achieve it's goal, get in touch with us.

Looking to the next generation

We will be delighted to hear from young women/girls on how to carry thhis organisation forward, empowering youngsters into community issues & other issues. Find out more.